MP3: Hunxho – Love Myself

Hunxho Love Myself MP3

Hunxho comes through with yet another new song titled “Love Myself” and is right here for your fast download.

Hunxho is an artist that is best understood through his music, where he pushes get rich hustler music without selling out or filtering his concepts. With songs like “Let’s Get It”, “Knowledge”, and “Compromise”, it’s no surprise why his name is amongst the hottest on the come up.


Listen & Download Hunxho – Love Myself  Below:


Love Myself Lyrics

Get in my mode and cut the lights off and get in my head
I know I cut a couple guys off that wanna see me dead
[? 0:25] tell them niggas fuck me, boy, ”Watch what you saying”
I know you telling niggas, “Fuck me,” just glad you ain’t tell
You know they freed most of the guys, they need to free Lil Kel
They hit my uncle with a dime, he locked up in the fed
My brother sleeping on the mat but I know he miss his bed
And I know this ho I fucked ain’t right for me, I miss her head
They caught Polo with a chest shot, wish they hit his leg
Been taking drugs all my life, sometimes I miss my meds
And I come from a small block but I wеnt far as hell
And I just bought another Rolex, [? 0:49] wеnt Cartier
[? 0:51] thoughts be running through my head, yah
[? 0:54] pillow talking ‘fore I get you killed, yah
I was locked up in a box, now I’m back from the dead, yah
Can’t be coming from the opps but I know how to play, yeah
I don’t give a fuck about no plea, it ain’t no coppin’
And I know I be doing wrong but I still talk to God
Trey say I gotta move different, I show you a star
But I don’t give a fuck about this fame, ’bout you, I shoot it up
It’s like I’m knowing who all wit’ me but I don’t know who to trust
Know I got shit to jeopardize but who gon’ go to war?
And I know this ho ain’t right for me but she still show me love
And I be stressing on these [? 1:18], just pour me up
Know I’m the one my people need but who gon’ help me up?
And I do this shit here out of love, you ain’t gotta give me nothing
I was locked up in the cell and asked the plug to pay my bond
I don’t care how big I get, swear I forever want somethin’
Still going through real problems, how I’ma be the one?
Still tryna learn to love myself, feel like I’m needing love
I let real pain down my pores, where I’m bleeding form
And I feel when I’m making music, only thing that keep me on
It keep me on

Pour my heart out, nigga, it be dark out here
And when it’s war time, you can’t even record out here
And if I love you, I’ll give you all my help

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