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I do 20 May 2022: While tanveer is trying to put ahil to sleep, she is tensed to leave for the graveyard, remembering what the goons told her. Ahil recounts his memories of pained childhood and is haunted, when his father used to be very cruel and tanveer used to come to his rescue.

Ahil asks tanveer how can she do this. Tanveer gets tensed, while he asks how can she love him so much, when all he has given her is grief. Tanveer is relieved but is tensed that she is getting late. tanveer says that all that she faced was destined, and that he shouldnt blame himself for that. she says that whats done is done, and that noone can fight problems, but every dark cloud has a silver lining too, and hence one should have total faith on himself and the future. She tells him to go to rest peacefully, as the problems between her and her son are going to end, hence now they both dont have to bother for anything. She realises that ahil has fallen asleep. she tucks him in and leaves hastily.


Meanwhile sanam is attacked by goons, who capture her and in that scuffle, they bang her head on the tree, and she falls unconscious with a head injury. Finally she wakes up and realises that she is in a coffin, and starts screaming, they take her and put her inside a coffin, and then seal it with nails from outside, locking her in. She is shocked and cries desperately for help. they then put down the coffin in a freshly dug grave, and shovel dirt and gravel back on it. She desperately calling out to badi ammi to come and save her. She is distraught and apalled.

Dilshad wakes up with a start. haya asks her if she ‘s okay. Dilshad says that she isnt okay and thought that this city could give her lots, but she was mistaken as the relation with this city is broken and cant be mended. she says that her daughter is living like a servant and she cant tolerate it anymore. she says that this city has snatched a lot from her. She questions herself why is she talking like this and whether sanam is in some problem or not.

She decides to call sanam. As the phone vibrates, she tries to reach it desperately but isnt able to. Dilshad gets tensed why isnt sanam picking the phone, while sanam is apalled at this situation. she starts dozing off into unconsciousness. She tries desperately to try and reach of any method to open the door, or get the phone atleast. Dilshad is very tensed, that sanam is in some trouble, as she isnt picking up the phone. Haya tries to compose her. She prays to the Lord to save her.

Tanveer arrives pleased and asks for the envelope, and is handed by the goons. she feels it happily. Then she asks about sanm and is told that she has been buried alive. she happily dismisses them off, and sarcastically laments at the newly dug grave that a servant had to leave this world, for such a petty reason, but she has handled bigger and better. She asks the Lord to give peace to her soul. She leaves bidding her goodbye.

Finally, sanam is able to retrieve her purse and dials a number and hopes desperately that the person picks up. Ahil gets a call. Meanwhile, Tanveer tells someone on the phone, that she has found the will, and referring to him as her son, asks him to meet her straightaway as she cant wait any longer. Ahil is shocked to hear what he hears. He drives the car and then arrives where he has to.

tanveer stops somewhere, and when a person approaches her, she says that the work that they had been waiting for is finally complete, and that this will is the key to their dreams, and that every property of Nawab is now legally her son’s, who turns out to be Rehaan, as he hugs tanveer. Tanveer says that she cant believe that she has got it. rehaan tells her that this will spoiled many lives. rehaan tells her that she didnt have to do it, and refers to her as begum sahiba. she is tensed and says that she is his mother and asks her not to call her Begum sahiba but refer to her as his mother.

Rehan says that he doesnt need anything, as he is happy with what she has given her, and that this rightfully belongs to Ahil and his sisters, as they are Nawab’s heirs. She says that she can as he is her son and not Ahil. rehaan is shocked. tanveer says that she tolerated Nawab being his second wife, just for rehaan, and that ahil and his sisters are heirs from the first wife. She refers to him as Rehaan Imran Qureshi, imran being Nazma’s husband and the illegitimate father of rehaan. tanveer is disturbed to remember it.

Ahil finally arrives at the graveyard, and calls up sanam. She says that she is suffocating, and that she doesnt want to die. Sanam frantically tells ahil on the phone that Ahil asks her not to get scared as he has come here, and he would save her. He asks her where is she. She barely is able to reply that she is in the grave, and relates what happened to her. She gets unconscious, and ahil is shocked tensed for her. He wonders where to search for her, and starts screaming her name. he finds the grave and starts digging it, asking her hard to try and talk, for god’s sake. He starts screaming her name in desperation.

Location: Ahil’s residence, munisa’s residence and the graveyard.
Ahil, with much difficulty is finally able to identify and recognise the grave that has zoya under it. As he unravels the coffin, he is shocked. He composes himself, as their past encounters flash before his eyes. Finally, after much frantic digging, Ahil is able to find sanam, unconscious and barely breathing, as he checks. He lifts the lidd off the coffin, and is shocked to find sanam inside. He gets her out in his arms, and tries to revive her but in vain. Ahil promises her that he wont ever fight with her anymore, and gets frustrated when she doesnt respond. Ahil gives her mouth to mouth resuscitation, hesitatingly in a hope to revive her. that works and sanam coughs her way back to life, and finds

ahil in front of her. she goes back to unconscious state. He carries her in his arms and then places her in the car. sahe finally opens her eyes, and relates everything tyhat happened to her.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Tanveer tells rehan that descision arent always right or wrong, and to raise him up, she had to go through a lot, and how she had lost her eyesight too in that. she remembers how asad’s final attack had proved fatal to her one final eye. Tanveer emotionally blackmails him that she was just with a small son, i.e. him. She says that she didnt have nything to give him, and hence she had to marry the nawab, out of helplessness, and that she never cared for the kids, but pretended to love them.

She remembers how badi begum had seen through the plan, but never got the chance to reveal her true self to people. She remembers that incident, when nawab was hitting ahil that day, tanveer came in, and then having saved ahil, tanveer asks nawab whats he doing. he reprimands her, saying that he knkows the truth behind her facade and is angry at her for being so callous and betraying, and how she didnt even tell him about her illegitimate child, growing up in an orphanage, and she having married him just so she could lay hands on his money.

He says that he would change his will today and leave everything to his sn, and that he wont let anyone take away that right. Rehaan tries to ask her about it. But she changes the topic. rehaan asks if she is finding peace in this. tanveer says that nothing is more important that the fact that her son should be happy, and that if she is able to succeed in that, all her sins would be washed away. she remembers how she had killed the nawab with the bullet, and then searched for the will but didnt find it.

She wonders where is the will and if she doesnt find it, then the property shall automatically go to ahil and she wont ever see a dime of it. tanveer places the gun in ahil’s hand in sleep and makes him believe that he killed his father and she sacrificed her 12 years to take the blame off his head, so that he is always indebted to her. She remembers how she had lost all hope, but then azhar’s mother told her about badi bi having the will, and how she tortured her to retrieve it.

Tanveer is finally relieved that her efforts after 12 years finally padi off and that she has finally landed her hands on the will. rehaan says that ahil is like a brother to him. tanveer says that he isnt really. tanveer says that she may come across as selfish but she just wants him to be happy in his future, and if he feels that she shouldnt do this, then its oky and she wont, but she wants to tell him, that for all of this, she has sacrificed a lot, and hence has a right to nawab’s property. tanveer asks rehaan to read the will, and is shocked when she finds that these are blank papers. She asks how can this be, as the girl has found them. He asks which girl. She changes the topic hastily, and wonders where the will went.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Tanveer reprimands the goons that he had hired, for not being able to procure what she had wanted and the goons assured that they took all that sanam had. Just then, ahil walks in with sanam and latif shockingly asks what happened to her. tanveer is tensed to hear sanam’s name from ahil, and wonders how is she alive and where are the papers.

Ahil places her on the bed concernedly, looking at her. tanveer comes and asks what happened to her. Ahil talks about the death attempt with tanveer and she pretends to be distraught. tanveer is tensed and thinks that till the time she doesnt regain consciousness, thery wont know anything for sure, and that she cant let sanam reveal anything to anyone. tanveer thinks that before it lands in someone else’s hands, she would have to find where is the will. She is oblivious that the actual papers are in sanam’s bag.

Location: Munisa’s and Ahil’s residence
As they walk from different ends in the corridor, Rahat and haya are oblivious of the other’s presence until their eyes finally meet, and they both remember their past encounters. she shyly turns her eyes away and leaves, and rahat too. But both of them unable to turn their eyes away again turn around and stop momentarily as their paths cross. She looks at him and he asks if she’s fine and she complies. She thanks him and he turns to his room without saying anything, with the classic turning around moment when the other’s not looking.

Later, while working in the kitchen, she is unable to reach to the top shelf. rahat finds this and helps her with it. Before she can thank him, he turns around and leaves.

While she is knitting, rahat again hands her a woollen ball, that had rolled over to him, by mistake and as usual, leaves without saying anything. haya eyes him overwhelmingly. Later, while haya is gardening, rahat comes from beind and tells her that she shouldnt have thanked him yesterday and thsat he is embarassed that she had to face such a thing yesterday. haya tries to convey something.

rahat says that he looked up on the internet to understand sign language as he couldn’t understand what she was trying to say. Munisa eyes them from a distance and thinks that haya got her husband now and is now trapping rahat, and that she wont let this happen, and that she would break this cord before they can get closer.
The environment is the same in Ahil’s residence too. Ahil comes in sanam’s room with her meds, but doesnt find latif.

Sanam is asleep. He tells her to take the meds, that the doctor has prescribed. But then he finds that she is asleep, and he isnt able to keep his eyes away from her. He tries to wake her up, and doesnt understand how to give her the meds. He fidgets around, concerned for her health. He places his hand under her head, and lifts her up, but she reclines on his shoulders, finding support. He places the med in her mouth, and she in a dazed state, drinks water until she spills it. He takes a tissue and wipes it off, and then places her back on the bed.

Its nighttime, when ahil is still asleep in the same room, and is startled when he finds her stirring in sleep, due to cold. he drapes a blanket around her, and she sleeps cozily. Ahil continues to tend to her needs day in and day out, and isnt able to distance himself, even when latif is taking care of him. Even when latif seems to give up, ahil comes into handle her, and sanam eyes him once in a dazed state, and he refrains not to show his soft side, to her. But tends back once she doses off. While ahil is about to leave, sanam in her sleep clutches at him, horrified at the recount of that incident in which she barely is able to escape from the murder attempt.

Sanam wakes up and clutches tightly at his arm, asking ahil not to leave her at all, referring to him by his name for the first time. Ahil is shocked. Sanam asks ahil not to leave her in this room, and breaks into frantic screams, hugging him tightly and catching ahil completely unawares, and he too finally puts his arms around her for comfort. he says that he wont leave her, and asks her to relax as nothing would happen to her, promising that he wont let anything happen to her. He places her back again on the bed, while she continues to drape her hands around him, in her dosed state. He takes off her hand and places it lightly on the bed, overwhelmed with the new mixed emotions that he is feeling.

Tanveer asks azhar’s parents if sanam is conscious. they tell that she isnt completely. tanveer asks if they found the will. they say that tried their best to search sanam’s room, but didnt find anything. Tanveer gets frustrated and asks them to keerp an eye on sanam always, as the will is with her only, and she needs it at any cost. they comply. she tells them that if this time, she loses due to them, then she wont spare them too. they scurry off.

Ahil is trying to sleep, with a bandaged hand, remembering his latest intimacy with sanam, since after the incident. The phone rings and he picks up one of his girlfriend’s call, and cancels his plan to meet her today. after that, he is again drawn to thoughts of sanam, that continue to disturb him. He eyes the bandage as he does so. He faces himself in the mirror, and eyes the hand that went to clasp around her in a hug, when she wanted it. He takes off the bandage and eyes the hand, wondering whats happening to him.

The next day, when ahil caresses her face in concern, he is startled to find that she is awake. she gets up with his help. he asks who did this. she says that she doesnt know them and their reasons. Ahil tells sanam that he didnt understand what was she doing that late outside, in the graveyard, and who was she meeting. sanam eyes him tensedly, remembering badi begum requesting her not to tell this to anyone. Hew asks her again. she lies that she went to meet dilshad, and met these goons in the way. He says that the next time, she has to go somewhere this late, she shouldnt go alone and that he would take her. he says that he shouldnt have let her go that night too, and its all his fault. sanam is surprised to see this soft side to him. the screen freezes on both their faces.

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